Monday, April 23, 2012


The subject of this post: You.

No, not YOU.  Oh, "you" what a confusing topic.  Grammatically speaking, the confusion of "you" and "me" is a one of the most common mistakes in the English language.  It's a concept so complex - the idea of a generic subject - that children's brains involuntary revert to speaking about themselves in the third-person to avoid confusion.

But in this case, You is delightful book by Stephen Michael King.

(Special note for children's book authors and publishers, never choose a title like YOU!  Try googling "You" - you hardly come up with an easy-to-navigate list!)

The book is a simple explanation of the world.  It's an explanation that includes things I love: colors, sizes, music, and adventure.  But the clear message is one of love.

And isn't it nice in our worlds of complex parent-child negotiations, schedules, meltdowns, and other bumps-in-the-road to have a moment in the day when your child may feel like the most important thing in the world is them.

Friday, April 6, 2012

I Want My Hat Back.

I love when I find a well-done book trailer to post here for you.  This one gives you a taste of the tone, text, and illustrations of this wonderful book.

Simple in concept.  Great repetition, great dialogue, great surprise ending.  It's fun and funny.  My daughter does not want to read it once, she wants to read it three or four times in a row.  She loves it.

I'm glad she likes it, because I like it too!