Friday, June 28, 2013

The Challenge: 100 Books this Summer

Summers in my childhood meant lazy days, trips to grandparents for special adventures, and lots of books.

This summer, our little family has agreed on a challenge: 100 Books before Labor Day.

Our daughter's preschool sent us a list of recommended books which we will use as our launch pad, but by the end of this experiment, I hope we will have many new book-friends to share with you, less screen time, and a whole host of new things to discuss.

I invite you and your family to join us in committing to reading together this summer.  Visit your library often, exchange books with your friends, download new books to your readers - whatever feels best to you.  But enjoy more time together, more time snuggled, and be sure to talk about each book after you are done.

No child is too young and no child is too old to participate.  Older children can read to younger children.  Grandparents, Aunties, Family Friends can all help you meet your goal!

If you need suggestions, there are a million sources, including this little blog here!  I'll post some links soon to help!

Happy Reading!

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